Black series config button (scene control)

This is what I was looking to do but I don’t think it’s possible without firmware update. Nothing comes up in logs on any button pushes

Yep I recently updated the firmware on all of my Black Series Dimmers and am LOVING the new functionality - totally transformed! It was a bit of a learning curve for the first dimmer i.e. update the firmware, then edit the scene control XML in my Home Assistant zwave config before I was able to see button presses in my zwave logs. By the time I updated Dimmer #4 it was a simple 3-5 minute process overall :slight_smile:

I have a bunch of Red Series On/Off switches as well in locations where I want more options than the new Black Series firmware provides (i.e. more than Single Press/Hold/Release/Config), but for other areas the Black Series is ideal. Works nicely both for a pure smart bulb setup (internal relay disabled) as well as a traditional setup with the relay enabled. I’m now able to add various Node Red flows for these and have returned all the GE Enbrighten switches I recently bought as they’re truly ‘dumb’ now in comparison to the upgraded Black Series devices :slight_smile:

Big props to the Inovelli team for making this firmware available - as @kreene1987 says they’ve essentially gifted us scene control for the Black Series Dimmers. It doesn’t quite put the Dimmers on par with Red Series, but if you just need a few basic functions (Single Press / Hold / Release / Config Tap) they’re fantastic! I’ve already ordered another 4 to replace my other remaining GE switches. Thanks guys!

Hi everyone! Was the scene control ever added to the black series on/off switches (not the dimmers)?


Are there still plans to add it? I know there was some interest a few replies up and a mention that it might be added in the near future.

AFAIK, no improvements are planned for the Black series switch.

Yes, we’re caught in between a rock and hard place with the manufacturer at this point regarding updates. They are still holding the firmware source-code hostage for these even though all has been paid up with the Black Series and won’t work on things again until the rest of our debt has been paid (even though there’s an agreement in place that we’ve followed).

So, unfortunately, there likely won’t be a Black Series update for On/Off’s in the near future.

I wish I had better news.

That’s very sad to hear. Thanks for letting me know though!

Hate to bump this. But I guess it’s still a lost cause to be hopeful for this update? Or at least be able to see buttpn presses with local control or relay disabled

Correct. Updates for the Gen 2 switches are just distant memories. Inovelli no longer has a relationship with that manufacturer so you should not expect further firmware updates.

The Black series was not designed with scene capability. That is the difference between the Black and the Red, which does have scene capability. Now that the Blue series has arrived, a number of Red switches and dimmers are being posted for sale, so I would keep an eye on that part of the community.