Black Series Dimmer - 3 way wiring - No Neutral (?) - Please Help - Diagrams Included

Would appreciate any help. I have an existing 3 way light switch in a stairwell. Currently, there is a dumb light switch downstairs and a dumb light switch upstairs. See DIAGRAM for how it is currently wired. Does not appear to me that there is a neutral wire in this set up. I have an Inovelli Dimmer (Black Series - Gen 2) to install in the UPSTAIRS SWITCH and a GE Aux Switch to install in the DOWNSTAIRS SWITCH.

Here is the current wiring that works for the dumb switches:

I have tried this wiring (ATTEMPT #1) and it does not work (*the DIMMER works but to the AUX switch does not work at all):

I have tried this wiring (ATTEMPT #2) and it does not work (*the DIMMER works but to the AUX switch does not work at all): [NOTE: forgot to draw WHITE WIRE to TRAV in DOWNSTAIRS SWITCH in this diagram - please assume that is where it is]:

I am not an electrician. But I have installed several other switches (and 2 3 ways with different wiring) with success using Inovelli switches. I would very much appreciate help on what I am doing wrong. Of course, if more info is needed to assist, I would be happy to provide.

Thanks in advance for any help.

#1 Looks correct to me:

Here is the Inovelli drawing and you have replicated that, I think.

In the top Inovelli box, remove the white from the 2-wire coming from the light so it’s not connected to anything and USING A METER test between it and the ground. You should get a constant 120VAC. Just for completeness, test with the other switch in both positions.

What hub are you using?

Did you set the parameters for non-neutral and 3-way toggle?

What is your Load?

Thanks much for your time and response. I am using Hubitat. I have not tried to add the dimmer to Hubitat yet and have not set any parameters for the switch. Do I set those parameters using the switch before the 3 way will work with the GE AUX switch properly without a neutral?

Glad to help. Those settings do need to be made for the Aux to function properly. I’m pretty sure the Inovelli defaults to a neutral installation and single pole. You can set those at the switch so you don’t have to add to the hub first if that’s your preference.

Here is the manual:

I’m also hoping you didn’t smoke the switch by putting 120VAC on the Load terminal. (#2) Not saying that’s what would happen, but the switch isn’t designed to work that way.

You sir, are a saint. Set it up (had to use the settings in Hubitat as the at-switch settings didn’t seem to work). All is well and working. Thanks you. I will buy you a virtual beer for the trouble!!

Happy New Year!

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Glad to help and glad you got it going!