Black Switch turns back on when dumb switch is off

Hi all!

So I just got a few more Inovelli black switches, one of which is going in a 3 way hallway. It has two Romex cables in each box with a traveler. When the dumb switch is on, the black works just fine, turning the lights on and off. However, when I turn the dumb switch off the Inovelli switch turns off momentarily and then turns back on (but does not turn on the light). Wondering what could be going on here…

Any thoughts?

Turning off the switch once the dumb switch is off cycles through “off” and “on” like the switch is fighting me wanting to stay on.

Here’s a video showing what’s happening:

I changed the indicator when it’s “off” to orange so you can see it better. “on” is blue.

Super weird… Can you let us know what load your controlling (ie: LED, 1 bulb, 2 bulbs, etc)?

Also, can you let us know what schematic you’re using?

It’s two bulbs in a hallway. I’m using the Line/Load in Separate boxes schematic. The other switch had two Romex’s in it so I assumed that was the one I should be using as that was the only schematic with two romex cables in both boxes.

If it helps, when I tried to do the config thing to make it work with a dummy switch I pressed the config button 3 times and it flashed yellow at ~1 second intervals. Never did the three quick flashes…

You believe that you have line/load in separate boxes, but it sounds like you only have two Romex in only one of the boxes. If you have line/load in separate boxes, then you would have 2 Romex in each. In the box with the power you would have a 2-wire with the incoming power and a 3-wire to the other switch. In the other box you would have the 3-wire from the other switch and a 2-wire load to the light.

Do you have 2 Romex in each box? If you don’t, then you either have a light between the switches (aka line/load both boxes) or maybe a non-neutral configuration.