Blue 1-2 Switch with Aux Switches Possible?: 4-way setup, no neutral


I have a bit of a condundrum for myself, my electrician says there is no neutral available in my 4-way light situation, and I could not find the wiring diagrams in the Support Section for him to look at and make sense of for me

Is there a way, either with or without the auxilary switches that I have available, to set up a blue Switch in one of the boxes to make the 4-way “smart”?

Please advise/provide wiring diagrams
Thank you so much!

It looks like the 4-way non neutral wiring diagram is missing. You can look at the 3-way and extrapolate. See the modified diagram generated by @Bry


You can do this using an Inovelli and Aux switches.

When you have a non-neutral multi-way, power originates at the light box. The hot (only) is sent down one conductor of the 2-wire to the first switch box (usually over the white) and the back as a switched hot to the light (usually over the black).

Do this in two steps.

1 - Find the switch box where the hot (only) is first sent and wire it as a non-neutral, disregarding the other switches for the time being.

2 - Once that is working properly, add Aux switches to the other boxes. Using 2 of the 3 conductors on the 3-wires, send a hot (over the black) and a traveler (over the red) to the Auxs. The red goes to the traveler terminal on both devices. The black goes to the line on the Inovelli and the neutral terminal on the Aux.

If that first switch location is not ideal for the Inovelli, it can probably be placed in another box using the 3rd conductor of the 3-wire. Your electrician should understand what I mean here once he understands the wiring concept above.

This should cover 95% of the multi-way non-neutrals. If you have something weird, you’ll have to draw it out.

Follow this. Just add another Aux for the 4-way. Or see the drawing in @stu1811 's post above.