Blue 2-1 4-way with Aux question

Hello - I will be wiring a 4-way with one blue 2-1 and 3 aux switches. The wiring schematic states that I need a special aux switch made by GE or Homeseer. Unlike the wiring schematics for 3-way it doesn’t show the Inovelli aux as an option. Does the Inovelli aux not work for this set-up or is the schematic just outdated?

You should be good with the 5 way and Inovelli aux switch

Thanks @harjms ! There isn’t a 5-way schematic, but I assume I just wire another middle switch the same as shown for the middle switch in the 4-way schematic.


Yes, you are just daisy-chaining the traveler and neutral conductors. (Plus the switched hot load if it’s in the far box.)

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Thanks @Bry!

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