Blue 2-1 dimming with Hue

Hello everyone!

I have looked around and couldn’t find direct solutions to my issues. I have Hue lights all in the Hue app/hub. It seems that having the lights added in the Hue hub disables the ability to directly control Hue lights via zigbee binding. It’s either one or the other. Unless gurus have suggestions? I also found that the only way I could find out the bulb’s zigbee id was to delete the light from the Hue app, add the light directly through ST, and find the zigbee id through the Samsung IDE site.

I guess all this aside, has anyone figured out how to dim Hue lights in the ST app? I don’t see an option to ‘decrease light percentage’ or anything like that. Parameter 258 doesn’t seem to matter if I’m in on/off mode or dimmer mode. I know from reading though articles that Philips Hue isn’t playing nice with Inovelli. (At least that’s been the case, idk if it’s still that way or heading in a different direction)

I am able to dim the lights in the ST app for whatever bulb I want, but I haven’t found a way to do this locally via the Blue 2-1 switch. No matter how I think of setting a routine, I don’t seem to see a possibility.

Thanks in advance!