Blue 2-1 - How do I bind two light switches together?


I’ve got two light switches that control lights in my kitchen. Everything is set up with Zigbee2MQTT and HA. One light switch controls all the overhead lights, except the one over the sink, and the other controls the light over the sink. I want to bind these two switches together to make them turn on/off all the lights together (from either switch) as if it were one light circuit. Unfortunately, I can’t easily change the wiring to make that happen physically. How do I set this up? I made a group in Zigbee2MQTT with those light switches, but that doesn’t seem to do anything, and it doesn’t seem like I can bind the two together (although I know very little about Zigbee bindings or Z2M in general).

Thanks in advance!

I think I got this working. In each lightswitch, I bound source endpoint 2 to the other switch at destination endpoint 1 with on/off and levelctrl selected.

Is there anywhere that explains what the different endpoints/clusters are? I just played around until I got it working, but I’d love to see some kind of reference as to what each endpoint and cluster does in Z2M.

Ultimately you’d want to look at the Zigbee specifications for the answer re clusters (it’s technical reading and you need an account to download, be warned if that’s a barrier…this is the link for CSA), but basically EP1 is where the switch configurations go, EP2 is what should be bound to other devices similar to a remote device. Simple version is doing what you did should bind the onoff/levelcontrol functions to control the other device(s).

Caveat for anyone else as well that not all implementations match the standard, should always check hub/software-specific instructions for how to do what you want to do.