Blue 2-1 Z2M not correctly reporting switch state in dimming mode

I’ve noticed that occasionally (perhaps all the time?) when I turn off a switch at the wall, I dont see the switch state update in Z2M. Looking at the mqtt logs, I correctly see the “down_single” event from the button press, but the “state” field on that + subsequent updates still shows as “ON” despite the lights definitely being completely off. If I click the refresh button next to the state field in Z2M, the state is correctly updated. This seems to only be an issue when the switch is in dimming mode.

My interpretation of this is that the switch is properly connected to Z2M, so no issues there, but either the switch isnt reporting the correct state, or Z2M itself isn’t interpreting the update correctly when in dimming mode. On firmware v2.05 and v2.06 fwiw.

Anyone else seeing this?

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I was testing some new automations this evening that read the brightness and noticed the same thing. Both the switch state and brightness do not update in Z2M until I press the refresh button.

This will get fixed in the next release of z2m. You could either update early via github or manually configure the reporting options in z2m for the swtich. Details here: Inovelli VZ32sn (Blue 2-1 switch) not reporting correct switch state · Issue #14911 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub


What is the manual fix?

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