Blue LED bar stopped working

I have a Blue switch I installed the other day and everything was working great, but today I noticed that the LED bar is completely unlit. I tried changing colors, brightness, etc. I was going to reset the switch but none of the LEDs are lighting up so I can’t tell when to let go of the buttons, LOL.

Any idea what might have happened and if there’s anything I can do to fix this?

Also, some of my Blues make the relay click and some don’t … they all have disable relay click turned off. Any idea on why this would be happening (or not happening as it were)?

Depends on the configuration. If using 3 way with dumb switches, the relay will always remain audible. If using aux switches or single load then the audible click should be able to be disabled or enabled.

IRT the LED bar. Have you tried air gapping it? To factory reset, hold the buttons for 25+ seconds and release in the correct order.

Does the switch still function correctly?

I have tried resetting and air gapping. LED lights never light up.

Did you by any chance set a notification using the effect called “OFF”. Its a confusing effect. Some people think it means to turn off the notification off but that’s not what it does. It turns the leds off. The correct way to stop a notification is to use the Stop Effect or Clear Effect, not the Off Effect.

No, the only effect I used is Pulse for when the doorbell rings.

But what method are you using to turn off the Pulse effect. If you use the Off effect its going to turn off the LED bar until you cancel the Off effect with a Stop notification.