Blue light is backward

I have installed my switches and they are working great. But. One has the little blue light working backwards. It lights up when the light is in and does not when the light is off.

I have about ten switches and this is the only one that is backwards.


Hey @Rbelanga - a couple of questions for ya:

  1. Which switch is it (ie: On/Off, Dimmer, Red or Black Series)?
  2. Do you have a hub at all and if so, which one?

This will be an easy fix, don’t worry!

This sounds like a simple configuration setting that needs to be changed.

However, the steps to change this setting differ between the on/off switch and the dimmer switch. You mentioned the “little blue light” in your original post. I assume this means you are referring to the on/off switch instead of the dimmer (which has a larger LED strip instead of a single LED).

For the On/Off switch, there are 2 main config parameters that affect the LED indicator light brightness:

  • LED Indicator Intensity - this is the LED brightness when the switch is ON
  • LED Indicator Intensity (When Off) - this is the LED brightness when the switch is off

If you have a hub that allows you to change config parameters remotely, you are looking for parameters 6 and 7. The steps to change this value may vary by hub.

If your hub does not support changing the config parameters, you can also change these values from the switch itself. The instructions on how to do so are located on page 9: