Blue Replacements

I got an email 10 days ago saying the Blue replacements were all going out last week. Is anyone still waiting to receive it? I’m guessing they don’t have time to email tracking info which is fine, but I figured I would have received it by now. Anyone in the same boat?

Check your order history under your account at, if you have a single order, and your replacements were shipped, you’ll find a new shipping number attached to your order. If you had multiple orders, and your new order was shipped, you’ll find an updated tracking number under one of your orders (at random).

If you don’t have an updated tracking on one of your orders, you most likely haven’t been shipped yet - due to the weather and holiday they haven’t gotten through all of them yet. I received mine on 12/26

My order is still showing the old tracking number from October. I’m guessing that packaging and shipping everything is taking longer than expected.