Blue Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZM31-SN

Inovelli has always warned against using the Blue switches with inductive loads. A magnetic ballast is a coiled wire setup similar to a transformer - its entire function is based on induction. The heating your switch experienced is a huge concern - the risk of fire is clear, and I hope your posts provide a cautionary tale that will dissuade anyone else from using inductive loads with their Blues.


Yep, a great example of what can happen when you use a device for some purpose other than that for which the UL certified it. There is a reason that the 2-1 was not certified for inductive loads.


Most people (myself included) don’t know that a magnetic ballast, which is still reasonably common for florescent lights, IS an inductive load. Far as I knew, I was just powering a light (no motors, etc).


Fair point - perhaps the warning could be made more explicit by listing the most common types of incompatible loads, along with some text that says “if you don’t know how to identify your load, consult a professional.” DIY is great and I encourage everyone to take on home projects if they have the aptitude, but these activities should never be performed without complete information. On the flip side, it’s not all on Inovelli to provide said info. If the warning says “do not use with an inductive load” and you don’t know what that means, STOP and find out before continuing. Preventable accidents are the worst kind.

I feel like we’ve descended far into bikeshed territory right now. Everyone seems to understand the issue, and I imagine Eric’s got the feedback he needs from the community in order to wordsmith the product page on this issue until the end of time.

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Is anyone experiencing strange behaviour with the double tap to maximum dim settings with 2.14? Please feel free to move this to a new thread if necessary.

I have double tap up to max enabled, set to 99/100. However on multiple switches double tapping up results in less than 100%. Specially it seems to go to 39% each time. Any ideas? Does this have something to do with setting the minimum and maximum boundaries? Parameters below for reference. Thanks in advance.

Yes. Same as you roughly 40%. One thing I still need to try is factory resetting to see if it resolves it.

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Can confirm I have done this a bunch of times. Factory reset followed by restoring settings still results in going to 39%. I can set up a routine to overide and go to 100%, but that would require the hub when presumably using parameter 55 means the command is executed locally on the switch vs triggered by the hub… I think? Also I can confirm that double tap up function did work on 2.08 and double tap down function works as intended on 2.14.

So my double tap up does go to ~40%. I can push and hold up paddle to finish getting it to 100%. I use double tap down for a scene so don’t know about double down. I believe @mamber is working at designed.

Yes, identical here. Assuming this is a bug then…maybe.


This is a scaling error in the driver. 99/255 = 39%

Make sure you are running the latest driver. I fixed it in the Hubitat driver a couple weeks ago (2023-04-11 driver date). I don’t know the status of other hub platforms (SmartThings, HomeAssistant, etc.)

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Ahh I was on 4-10-23. Crazy what a day makes. Issue is fixed on Hubitat for me.


Interesting. Good catch. For smartthings, I am on the latest driver and don’t see reference to a scaling fix in the update log. I’m assuming that means I should let @EricM_Inovelli know that there might be some sort of a scaling issue in the driver? For Smartthings as far as I know, Inovelli has to update the driver and push it out.

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I’ve used a few on florescent lights without issue.
However, I don’t believe I have a magnetic ballast, I believe it’s an electronic ballast.

Either way, it’s probably best not to hook up any Blue Switches to florescent lighting modules.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Are you saying this is an intended feature?

Um, that was a joke . . .

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Sorry, just my sarcasm at work. I think once the edge driver gets updated then it should resolve your issue. It’s working great now on Hubitat. I should’ve checked for the most updated driver, but didn’t think Mark was whipping out drivers as quick as he’s been getting new features.


Are you not using HPM on Hubitat? It notifies you when an update is available.
(But of course, I would prefer that you help me test new versions by running the beta drivers which aren’t available via HPM)

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