Blue Series 2-1 Non Neutral Smart Bulb Mode

Hey all,

Hopefully a quick one. Let’s say I have a non-neutral single pole switch and I put a blue series 2-1 in place. The light bulb is zigbee controllable in the fixture. Can the blue series switch be put in smart bulb mode and not require a bypass at the fixture? Or is a bypass most likely required (non neutral scenarios) whether you are physically controlling a light or supplying constant power to the light/controlling over zigbee?


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The need for a bypass will likely depend on the wattage of the bulb. If I recall correctly, it’s definitely recommended for loads under 10 watts and depends on loads under 25 watts. If the load is higher and the light flickers you may also need it.

If you only have a single smart bulb the power consumption is likely 8-10 watts at full power, so a bypass would be strongly recommended. You can always try without installing it to confirm.