Blue series dumb switch mode enables lower dimming

I have multiple lights attached to different blue series dimmers running 2.14. In all cases I have noticed that 1% dimming is visibly brighter when the mode is set to none, full sine wave, or 3 way AUX. However if changed to 3 way dumb in settings, the same 1% dim level is hugely lower, which in some cases is very significant in a dark room.

Are others seeing this and or can anyone explain why? In theory I guess I could just leave the switches in 3 way dumb mode (even though they are not wired this way), however I can’t seem to turn off the relay click in 3 way dumb mode, which is a trade off I’m not willing to make.

Any ideas? Ty

That’s most likely due to trailing vs leading edge dimming. 2.14 added trailing-edge dimming, and made it the default. Your bulbs must prefer leading-edge dimming.

On 2.14, the only way to get back to leading-edge dimming is by selecting 3-way dumb mode (disconnecting the neutral from the switch may also work, but I haven’t tested this).

The next firmware version (2.15) will add an explicit option for selecting between leading and trailing edge, so it should fix your issue when it comes out.

Thanks. In the interim, I’m assuming I cannot disable the click relay sound when on 3 way dumb mode, is that true?

Also oddly, when I was on 2.08 I could not reach the low dim levels that I can now… And 2.08 was strictly leading Edge as I understand it.

Yeah, there isn’t any way to disable the relay click sound in that mode.

The firmware changelog for 2.11 says “Lower min levels are now allowed (only have neutral)”, which likely explains the improvement since 2.08. I haven’t done much testing on firmware older than 2.14, so I can’t confirm exactly what changed.

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