Blue series low voltage mod. 5v dc ideally

Hi All,

I have low voltage 24 VAC gangebox. I installed an ecobee Smart thermostat and it’s basically just a pass-through gang box. I would like to mod a blue series switch to run off of 5V DC or 3.3VDC or something like that.

Do we have a circuit diagram of the blue series that I can use to bypass the 120VAC circuitry.

I wouldn’t be using the switch to actually power anything it would just be a trigger for home assistant. The relay on the switch would be unused and they would not be connected to a load.

PS, 40 switches on preorder to Canada.
And I know it will void my warranty.
I’m handy with a soldering iron and a multimeter and I could probably figure this out on my own. But just thought I’d ask.

I’m going to guess this falls under the “proprietary” category such that competitor’s can’t replicate. Would have to work to get an NDA or something, and even those of us that beta tested never saw inner workings minus opening it up.

Unofficially, of course, I’d say this is on you to reverse engineer!


This might be a good candidate for a competitor’s Zen34 battery powered switch; it runs off 2x coin cells, assuming they’re in series that’s 6V and you could probably wire in 5V to replace them.


The Zen34 does look very similar to the Inovelli switches. I will take a look when they arrive to see options.

5V modded. Uses a DC to DC buck converter off aliexpress 3.3V DC to DC buck converter