Blue series switches with color tunable leds that require 0-10V dimming

We’re looking at USAi recessed lights in our bathrooms. The rest of our place is going to be using Blue series light switches and Hue bulbs. The USAi recessed lights come with a Color Select option (, and the brochure says they are controlled with “all standard architectural dimming controls”, one 0-10V control for the dimming and one 0-10V control for the color tuning.

I see that there are some 0-10V controllers for Zigbee and Zwave, but I don’t have experience with trying to use these controllers. Am I likely to be happy with using a Blue series switch to control these zigbee controllers and thereby control the dimming and color temperature?

Just to be clear, I’m aware that the Inovelli switches themselves don’t support 0-10V dimming, but there are controller products that receive 110V and will output 0-10V and work with ZigBee or Zwave. I can’t find out a lot about these products though.

I’d think you’d be good with the switch in smart bulb mode and then bind the switch to a 0-10V zigbee controller and it will dim the lights fine. For the color, you’d have to handle that in your hub with another 0-10V controller.