Blue / White Series Bulbs and LED Strips

Is there any chance or plans for Inovelli to introduce a new lineup of bulbs and LED strips / controllers? I didn’t see what happened to the Red Series lights, but haven’t seen them for sale, and never saw a Blue Series option of them.

I’ve tested the following and each of them had some issue or downfall:

  • Sengled: (Zigbee) Bulbs (RGBW)
  • Nanoleaf: (Matter Over Thread) Essentials Bulbs & LED Strips (RGBW)
  • IKEA: (Zigbee) TRÅDFRI Bulbs (RGBW, and CCT)
  • Wiz: (WiFi) Bulbs (RGBW, and CCT)
  • Lifx: (WiFi) Bulbs (RGBW)

Some of the issues I’ve seen between these:

  • Bulbs flash blue or red when turning on
  • Some devices only endpoints not routers
  • WiFi Bulbs dropping off / not working with some AP types.
  • Thread Bulbs not communicating with the network even when connected
  • IKEA not being nearby, and not shipping bulbs unless you order enough other things.

The features I’d love to see in a new family of bulbs:

  • Blue and White Series options (Zigbee and Thread)
  • Bulbs, LED Strips, LED Strip Controllers (Standalone)
  • Devices are routers and endpoints
  • Wide color temp range ideally something around 2000K - 6000K (Most only do 2700-6000, but use the RGB diodes to achieve the temp range extremes leading to odd reds and blues) Lifx kills it in this department with 1500k - 9000k with the best color temp rendering. If you guys got anywhere close it’d still kill the competition, and be on Thread or Zigbee instead of WiFi
  • Firmware actually functional (some of the other test bulbs have just not functioned properly)