Bright BR30 recommendations

I’ve met my match with existing work cans causing me to have to cut out the ceiling and re-patch with new larger cans up ~18’ in the air, so I’m admitting defeat and shopping for some smart BR30’s that will interface with HA through Zigbee or Z-wave (unlikely).

Because these are way up high and are supposed to give light to the entire room from 2 bulbs, I am looking for the highest possible wattage.

Color tuning is mandatory (I understand this is a limiting factor) RGB is a bonus for fun.

Any recommendations? Right now I am looking at 11W Sylvania Smart+ Zigbee that are 11W (they say 65W equivalent) but reviews are mixed:

Budget is smallest concern, but under $25/bulb would be nice.

Any reason you need a smart bulb vs using a smart switch? I understand smartbulb for rgb but not for standard white.

Already on a red dimmer! It’s specifically to finish building out my circadian rhythm lighting.

I see a few options on Amazon with free returns :wink: I don’t have either but let us know what you think.

Zwave white 65W equivalent

Zwave rgb 75W equivalent

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