Bulbs prematurely burning out with Red series LZW31-SN dimmers. Anyone else?


I’ve had this happen with mulitple different manufacturer bulbs in my house. Satco, Phillips, etc, A19 style bulbs.

Some bulbs arent even lasting a year. I have roughly 27 red series dimmers. All but 2 of them are always set at 100% and dimming function is never used. Oddly enough, the living room where the lights are dimmed have never had an issue, but those lights are some sort of built in can light, not A19 bulbs.

Can anyone shed some, excuse the pun, light, on this situation??

I do not have any dumb switches to compare against, but my old dumb house never had as many bulbs burn out as I do at my 3yr old smart house.

You should specify the model number of the switch that you are referring to. There are two generations of red dimmers.

Edited original post with LZW31-SN