Buzzing coming from lights

I bought 24 red series dimmers and installed them throughout the house. I have recessed LED lighting and there is a ton of buzz in all the lights. Has anyone experienced something similar? The lights are not that old.

I had buzzing in the switch for my foyer lights which are a large number of LED bulbs. It’s faint enough I decided to try to ignore it. I’m still working through getting the additional 3-way switch wired, and if it’s still buzzing, I will try a bypass

@bgreet - I have buzzing from most of my lights. I contribute it to dimming and overlook it. My bathroom lights need to get replaced as they are not dimmable bulbs and buzz really loud when dimmed. Most of my can lights are dimmable and don’t buzz too loud, but background noise quiets it out.

I don’t have a solution, but is the buzzing happening at the highest brightness setting, or does it not matter what level?

It’s actually quieter the brighter and louder the more dim

I installed my red series dimmer and it works great. But I also have a loud buzzing from the recessed led lights when they are dimmed. My wife can’t stand the sound and says unless it can be fixed so they don’t buzz, no more of these dimmers for us. I haven’t seen any responses about how this can be fixed. Anyone have any ideas?

I just did some additional research that indicated that the only way to stop led lights from buzzing with a dimmer switch is to use ELV rated dimmers. Is the red series dimmer an ELV dimmer?

Only a random guess here, but has anyone tried a bypass when there’s buzzing?

haha i’m in the same boat regarding the wife not being able to stand the sound

Problem solved. My new construction home has non-dimmable leds. They were supposed to be dimmable so now I have another issue with my builder. Anyway, when I replaced the bulbs with dimmable ones, the buzzing has disappeared.

Unfortunately no, the Red Series isn’t an ELV dimmer :confused:

Well that was a roller-coaster ride – wish I read this first before responding above lol! Either way, glad you got it fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying @Eric_Inovelli. I’m singing your praises to anyone who will listen about what a great company Inovelli is.

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I’m wondering if it may be more if an issue with the lights than anything else. My lights are Lowe’s brand DLS30-06M27D1E-WH-F2

Looking for some clarification here - on some other pages, you say that the Red/Black series use MOSFET - typically this IS ELV - can you clarify here? Struggling with bulb buzzing issues and trying to troubleshoot!

The switches are indeed MOSFET.

I guess this still does not provide the clarification I was looking for - MOSFET is usually used in ELV switches, but above @Eric_Inovelli states these are not ELV compatible. I have used three different brands of LED dimmable bulbs and am still getting significant buzzing with these switches, unfortunately.

I have a few light fixtures in my house (mostly bathroom vanity) as well that are still putting out a slight buzz no matter what bulb due to what I now believe is since the switches are not ELV compatible, maybe?? That said if you are willing to give up dimming function I have found that turning on smartbulb mode makes the buzzing virtually disappear besides a short second when the lights turn on! I also wonder if just switch out for a red on/off if this would completely eliminate the problem?

Would highly appreciate if Inovelli would publish a QVL(Qualified Vendors List) for dimmable LED’s! I am this :pinching_hand: close to purchasing 40 switches for a whole-home build but its threads like these which make me sweat.