Buzzing Philips LED bulbs

I installed the Red series dimmer by following the 4-way instructions linked to in the paper instructions. It powers a fixture with 4 LED bulbs. The bulbs are brand new Philips Warm Glow 60w equivalent. The dimmer works but there’s an uncomfortable buzz if it’s dimmed anywhere in the mid range, between 30 to 90%. I have the same bulbs on a Leviton zwave dimmer and they work great. I’ve tried fiddling with the config but the buzzing persists. I’d like this dimmer to work out, I’m excited for the added features it provides over Leviton. BTW the 4-way config works fine, I bet the buzzing would be the same if it were single pole.

Strange, I am not seeing this. I have a 3 way with with 4ea BR30’s and a single pole set up powering 4ea. A19 60W equivalent Warm glow bulbs. I’m not hearing a thing from either configuration, at any brightness.

The dimmer also won’t stay on if I turn the lights up to 100%. I think I will be returning the 4 switches I bought. I’ll check back later in the year to see if things are less buggy, but at this point I’d be fooling myself to think this is better than my old dumb switches.