Bypass to solve led lights not turning off in a 3 way config?

Hello, so I have a black series dimmer to control a dining room chandelier (which are leds actually). In the off mode, they don’t go completely off. Reading about this issue, it looks like I need a bypass? I’ll be honest, I tried searching for “bypass” on amazon and google and couldn’t find one (or my search term was to generic) - other than an aotec bypass. Could 1) send a link to one that might work for my situation (or is it totally dependent on the light fixture?) and 2) can I put the bypass at the switch? From what I’ve read it seems like others have installed it at the fixture. Since my chandelier is pretty delicate and on a high ceiling, I’d prefer not messing with the light fixture if I can avoid it.

Also, would a simple red series on/off solve this problem? I don’t necessarily care about dimming just on/off control.

Maybe. They are traditionally installed at the light. Not sure if a box mount is suitable or now. Another thing to consider is that electrical boxes have capacity limitations based on the number of conductors and devices. If your box is at capacity, then it might not be legal code-wise to tuck the bypass in there.

No, they’re the same, dimmer-wise. You can try a different brand of bulb, however. LEDs vary. Some have a higher threshold for turning on.