Calling all Investors!

Hey all!

Just wanted to throw it out there that we’re still in the hunt for a great investor(s) and are actively looking. Being in the midwest makes things difficult as there’s not much to choose from out here, but if there’s anyone out there who’d love to learn more about us and what we’re doing, please feel free to reach out to me via PM or comment below and I’ll reach out to you with more information.

As for the amount, we’re looking at a round of $5MM.

Any questions, let me know (I’ll likely take them offline, but I’ll still answer them)!

Founder | Inovelli


Just an idea… Have you reached out to Gali @ Hyperchange/Hyperguap? As an individual, I don’t have enough to really move the needle, but I do have enough net worth to be classified as an accredited investor and would gladly join in on a Hyperguap-pooled investment because I love what Inovelli has done so far and would like to see even better stuff in the future (like the planned “Aug 2020 - Motion Sensor Switch: Project Name TBD”!!).

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No, but I’ll check it out, thanks for sharing! I haven’t heard of them, but just looked at the site and definitely seems worth looking into :slight_smile:


Announcement coming soon :wink: