Can a properly installed LZW31-SN be damaged when adding smart bulbs?

When I bought the product it was clear that improper wiring installation could damage my switch and void the warranty.
So I made sure to have them installed 100% correctly and they have been working great.

But what about trying to add a smart bulb into a switch that has been properly installed? Is adding smart bulbs forgiving or do many people still damage the switch just byhaviny a relay or local control set up correctly?
Im pretty sure that as long as I don’t change any of the physical wiring, I can experiment with various smart bulb settings and not worry about damage…is that correct?
In my case this is a LZW31-SN and a LZW31 both with a neutral wire, on a 3 way, with dumb switches.

To be clear, do many people damage a switch just by adding smart bulbs the wrong way?

Hey @Rjjrmiller – you should be fine if the switch works perfectly fine with a dumb bulb now. If you replace it with a smart bulb and mess with the settings, you should be fine :slight_smile:

Not sure what hub you use, but here’s a helpful article on how to setup smart bulb control with SmartThings:

Same logic applies to other hubs, but thought this may help.

Let me know if you need any help!