Can anyone suggest fast acting bulbs that can go really dim?

Finally getting around to motion lighting and my hallway lights are slow to come on. I know its the bulb because other bulbs seem faster in the same switch. I know there is a compatibility list but it doesn’t really give details on its abilities. I need em fast but also really dim as we dont want the hallway bright at night. These are regular sized screw in type bulbs which i think are a19?

You are looking for smart lighting or dumb lighting? I assume smart? Z-wave is the obvious choice with Inovelli’s ilumin line, but they are OOS for a while yet.

Secondarily Reed did a fantastic review on smart bulbs on youtube. Look up “Smart Home Solver” (hint: the Inovelli wins).

Third-arily :smiley: the new CREE Connected Plus line at Lowes looks particularly interesting to me and while wifi (yuck) I believe they can be locally controlled via LAN with the right integration. Still figuring that out myself before I buy.

Sorry, I meant dumb bulbs. I have inovelli dimmers and just need bulbs for them. The current bulbs take a couple seconds to light up. I have a motion rule that turns on hallway lights and living room lights and the living room lights come on much faster than the hallway. Its not the dimmers settings, its the bulbs as switching them the problem follows the bulbs. All my bulbs are old tho so i cant find more of them. Just wondering if anyone knows any that ignite quickly, but can also go really dim for a night light.

What do you have your parameters set to for dim rate and ramp rate (parameters 1-4 on the switch)?

1 is a much faster ramp, 0 is instant. These are seconds from off to default level setpoint, so 1 is 1 second.

There is a request out to make these ms values so we can go sub-second ramps, but for now all of my home is set at 1 for parameter 1 and 101 (follows parameter 1) for parameter 2-4.

Edit: also do you have your minimum level set to where min is lowest “on” level you can see the light being on? A lot of mine don’t even turn on until the level of the switch is at 40, in which case I set min level to 40 and the switch sets level 1 = 40 so the lights start turning on instantly after the command is sent to turn on.

My Home Depot Eco-whatever brand LED lights are damn near instant once I got minimums set.

I tried faster ramp rates no help. Its the bulbs because i put some other bulbs in and they were faster. I just dont have 5 matching bulbs so i gotta find some new ones. I have my hallway motion activated to turn the hallway and living room lights on and the livingroom comes on way faster than the hallway using the same settings. These bulbs are all pretty old so i cant just order more of the ones that work.

Edit, and yes the minimum levels have been set

Check/search for bulb compatibility. The HD ecosmart line works well for me.

What bulb shape and color temperature are you looking for? I’m liking the high output Philips BR30 bulbs, but they only come in 3000k and 5000k variants.

I’ve noticed that dimmable LED bulbs do take a while to turn on if trying to set them to a dim brightness. It becomes particularly noticeable if you are setting them to a brightness lower than 20%.