Can I use a LZW30-SN as an ON/OFF for a Fan

The title is basically my question. I’d like to purchase and use a LZW30-SN as a simple On/OFF switch, connected to a ceiling fan. Can I do so?

The fan currently has a simple on/off at the wall, and uses the pull chains on the fan for control.
I am perfectly happy to use the existing functionality (fan mounted switches for speed control), and just swap the switch at the wall for basic on/off.

Will this work? Is there anything about this config that would not work? (such as would the motor damage the switch?)

Yes it will work as long as you have a neutral in the gang box AND the load is less than 300 watts. I run them for my bath fans and ceiling fans don’t usually have more than an amp pull. Just check the specs of the fan prior to buying. Otherwise look at the new LZW36 switch.


Thanks for the info!