Can Inovelli Switches and Dimmers report physical on/off changes?

I’ve noticed in my Hubitat logs that when a motion sensor tells an Inovelli switch to turn on or off, the log lists the change as a physical change, but my zigbee switches report it as a digital change. Can Inovelli report both types? I’d like to make some rules based on physical presses. If I can’t thats ok, but I just want to know if it’s possible or not before I proceed any further.

I thought they did because I can see the tap counts through the logs, but not 100% without being at home to check. Your using Inovelli’s Driver from GitHub and not Hubitat’s built-in Inovelli driver, right?

Yes I am using the github driver. All on/offs are being reported as physical. So I’m wondering if it’s an Inovelli thing, or a hubitat thing.

Good question. Not sure if I really paid any attention to it. I know I can see the tap arrows on the main device page when I press the tap up or down buttons and it tracks, but never looked more in depth for it.

This thread might not matter. I think I just figured out that I can use single press buttons for scene control. I’ll test it tonight and if this works will solve my need. If a Red switch is already off and I press off once will it still report that as a scene?

That is correct. Tap 1x up or down can be used as a scene and also if the switch is already off, and you press off again, the switch will send a tap 1x down to the hub and activate the scene you have written.


Yes, at least on Webcore within Hubitat, I can specify physical (human press) or programmatic interaction (device page in hubitat) with the switch, and I’ve confirmed it to be working.

Is it possible within Node-red and Habitat?