Can you use a dumb switch with a Blue Dimmer in 3-way configuration?

This is probably a dumb question but in a 3-way config, can you have one of the switches be a Blue Dimmer and the other be a dumb rocker switch? We’re doing a large addition to our house that will yield ~40 new switches. Of these, about 15 of the switches will be a 3-way configuration. I want to go all-in on Inovelli but I don’t think I need even switch to be smart – just every light (if that makes sense). I know they make an Aux/Add-on switch but that looks like it won’t come in stock till the end of the year.

Yes. It might be good for you to take a look at the wiring diagrams. Also, you can use a GE, Honeywell or Homeseer Aux.

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