Canada Bypass/LED Dimming Stabilizers

I noticed Aartech Canada has two types of LED stabilizers that may be a good option for anyone that needs them in Canada. I have not tested nor had a need for one of these yet, as I’ve only installed one dimmer so far (just placed an order for 20 more).

There is a yellow and blue version and the description notes it is impossible to know which one will help (in some cases, both), so they offer a 4 pack (2 of each) to test with. Might be worth a shot if you are having flickering or On when Off issue. They can also be bought individually (more expensive).

Check their website for Stabilizer. The sample pack is called LED Dimming Stabilizer 120V Sampler Pack 2 Yellow 2 Blue (1 Per Customer)

@Eric_Inovelli I think you would get a good bit of Canadian interest through Aartech Canada, I would reach out to them if you have not already.:grinning:


Hi Donovan,

Have you had a chance to use one of the stabilizers from Aartech? Wondering if you figured out what are the differences in the blue and yellow? I’m using a ceiling fan with LZW36 and have the light on with the switch fully off. Thanks!

The blue is a resistor only and designed for smaller loads. The yellow is for larger loads, combines a transistor with a resistor and is designed around triac dimmers (which Inovelli aren’t). Both are fast and thermal fused.


Bry, thanks for the very helpful reply.

I ended up not buying any, as the power draw would likely be the same when off, and I’ve gotten used to the faint glow of the LEDs when off.

There are sadly a few lights where the Inovelli dimmer has a very limited dimming range. I don’t believe the stabilizer will be able to help with that.