Canada Dimmers OMG!

Lights are shining in the Great North!

Put down your maple syrup, hockey sticks and Labatt Blue (in no particular order) and pick up some dimmer switches!!

Red Series Dimmer - Amazon

Black Series Dimmer - Amazon

Note: Above links are not affiliate links, but rather just a way for us to track traffic to Amazon so we can see how excited you guys really are!

Anyway, thanks for your patience and have an awesome day!


Any plans for a BF/CM sale or launch sale of the dimmers, like the switches?

PS. I used my bookmark instead of your link to mess with your tracking.

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Looks like the Canadian pricing just went up lol

Ordered 1 to see if it works with my bulbs. If it does I’ll get 4 more. If not… Then I’ll be sad.