Canadian Cyber Monday

Hey all,

In liue of a Black Friday sale, we will have a one day only Cyber Monday sale on Black and Red Series On/Off switches.

Price will be the same as the Flash Sale pricing which is $25 USD for Black and $30 USD for Red Series on

While we would’ve liked to offer more, we only have two SKU’s up there now, so there’s not much we can do.

Look for the sale to start first thing Monday morning!


If you insist I will find a way to use 1 or 2 more red switch.

Are these ‘Neutral Required’ switches?

Hey @Wetcoaster! The on/offs do require a neutral wire.


Could not help myself!


This cuts too deep lol

Yessss!!! Sign me up coach!

Disappointed to not be getting dimmers but I think I will be picking up a couple more switches

Thank you!! I could definitely use a few on/offs. And maybe the dimmers will be out on .ca in time for boxing day :slight_smile:

Just bought 2 black. Switches not human damn it!


I hope they are not human. Was that autocorrect at work?

I bought 2 Black and 2 Red series. Now I only need 21 dimmers… :sweat_smile:

No dimmers in time :cry:

On the dimmers subject I know they should be popping up this week on depending on Amazon process time.

Looking at available Bypass units on and the Aeotec unit you guys shipped with pre-orders is almost $43.81 no prime shipping, little steep even for for our poor price climate.

Any news on in house Bypass? Will you offer it up here for us Canadians?

Looking at other bypasses on at better price tags, assuming these alternatives would work?

Fibaro Bypass $23.76

Lutron Bypass $28.99

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I bought 2 switches not 2 Black human.

Tried to be funny don’t reward that autocorrect for this awesome joke :joy:

Oh wow, that price is crazy! Looks like only 3rd party sellers on for the Aeotec bypass, they are selling for $15 USD on and sold by Aeotec.

Did you have success with either of these?

No I have not tried either of those found alternatives, I assume they should work but nobody replied saying yes or no.

I got bypasses with my preorder thus no need yet, but as I was pricing out few more dimmers I need I noticed Bypass situation for Canadians kinda sucks, thus asking here about alternatives or if the in house solution had an eta and would be available for us Canadians.

Success with either of what?


Was referring to the alternate bypasses and if they would work in place of Aeotec one due to cost in Canada, post 12 in this thread link Here

We found the best results with the aeotec one.

yeah sucks its $43.81 in Canada, So you saying the other two that are better priced on were tested and had issues.

I got few Aeotec ones with my pre-order dimmers but a buddy got his off and is in need of some sane priced bypasses up here thus the seeking.