Cannot get RGBW Smart Bulb to show in Google Home

I am using the RGBW Smart Bulb on my Hubitat. I cannot get the bulb to show up in Google Home.

  1. I have paired the bulb to Hubitat
  2. Other bulbs (non-Inovelli) show up in the Google Home app via Hubitat fine
  3. I have ensured the “Google Home” app in Hubitat has the bulb checked
  4. I have re-connected the “Hubitat” service in Google Home multiple times and checked the bulb that’s not showing
  5. Have rebooted Hubitat and phone

The odd thing is, is that when I try reconnecting the Hubitat service in Google Home and check the bulb I want to see, it gets UNCHECKED in the “Google Home” app in Hubitat.

Any suggestions for me?

The driver the bulb uses doesn’t have default values set for all its attributes, which messes up Google Home. The box unchecking is Hubitat telling you that it isn’t supported.

What I do is use the Hubitat Groups app to create a group for that bulb (a group can have just one bulb in it) and then expose THAT to Google Home, which works.

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Thanks! Creating a group and dropping the bulb in there, then exposing that to Google Home worked. I appreciate the hack! :slight_smile:

I was playing with this more, and found that if you “exercise” all the bulb’s options-- level, color mode, and color temperature-- it will then include into Google Home without any trouble, no group needed!

You’re on top of it, Seth! I’ll play around with it some more. Thanks!