Cannot log in with log in button from a forum

For about the last week if I go to a community forum page and go to log in it says something went wrong and to contact support. That happens in both Safari and Chrome.

The only way I’m able to log in is if I get an email because a response was posted to one of my threads.

Here is a link I’m sent to when I try to use the log in button in a forum:

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Just tested in an incognito window and seeing the same.

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Yep, same issue here. Thankfully I had a session running on my other laptop but I cannot login using my other desktop.

There was an issue with our authentication provider that we just fixed a few minutes ago. Essentially, we discontinued the use of one of our online services. Our authentication process was integrated into that online provider which caused it to error out and get stuck during login. We have identified the fix and things should be working now.


Can confirm it’s now working on my end at least. Thanks!

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I had just changed my password on the 11th and when I logged out to test if I could log in, it wouldn’t let me. I had to choose that I had forgotten my PW and reset it to now log in.