Cannot pair with smartthings

2nd of 5 switches being installed. The first one installed flawlessly and paired to smartthings edge drivers.

The second one is flashing blue indicating ready ness to pair, but smartthings ver 2 hub just will not pick it up for some reason through the add device option.

Strangely I was able to pair it to my Alexa hub, so I know the switch itself is communicating.

Wondering if something could have changed recently with firmware or edge drivers causing difficulty pairing with smartthings hub? Scratching my head trying to understand what else could be wrong.

I think this is a zigbee switch not a zwave since it paired to an alexa.

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Yes, this is blue series (posted in blue series forum)

Crap, nvm, sorry about that Chief!

Factory reset, maybe? 40 second hold on the config.

No worries. Got it going doing that and moving hub closer. It seems like the hub was actually adding the switch but the app was not reflecting the addition. Likely just Smartthings being buggy (as per usual lol).



Actually something else odd, the chandelier that the switch is powering remains dimly lit when the switch is off.

I was under the impression that a neutral setup should eliminate this happening. Is that incorrect?

The bulbs in question are these type :

That is mostly correct, but there have been others that have experienced what you’re seeing. Smart switches generally leak a little voltage, and if your bulbs have a very low illumination threshold, it might be enough to keep them dimly lit.

Generally, a bypass will resolve the issue. If you have an incandescent handy, swap it out for one of the bulbs. If the issue goes away, a bypass will solve it.

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I’ll try that thanks. I did notice that the settings in the edge driver are reporting neutral read only as “non neutral”, however the neutral is connected… Also it looks like the user can change the setting and it sticks, despite saying read only. Is this a bug?

The setting may stick from a UI perspective, but the switch detects neutral so it may not have any real effect on the backend.

The default setting should be neutral. We’ll have to see if others note that it’s non-neutral by default with the Edge driver.

The ability to change that setting is normal.

Yep. But the real question is shouldn’t the detected setting be pushed back to the driver’s parameter, or is the Driver’s parameter overwriting the detected setting. Or maybe neither . . .

@sdbigio Change the setting to Neutral and see if that makes any difference.

In Zigbee2MQTT it’s read only. ie a sensor.

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I think it does under the state variables. I can set mine between non neutral and neutral and the power source doesn’t change.

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I’ve changed the setting to neutral in smartthings and it sticks. Though now I am wondering since non-neutral was initially identified, is it possible the switches are not detecting the neutral?

Can anyone else with smartthings validate this?

@Bry I’m experiencing this with multiple switches. Can you confirm if this a bug that the smartthings app is reporting neutral setups as non neutral?

It occurs to me that after posting above, the Blue will autodetect the AC Power Type. EricM can evaluate the necessity of a driver update. Since the switch autodetects, any change would be cosmetic.

@sdbigio - I feel really dumb asking this bc we made the switch and Edge Driver, but I cannot for the life of me find where you change the Neutral and Non-neutral in the ST App.

Where did you find the setting to change the AC Power Type?

As @Bry mentioned, the Blue Series is different than the Red Series in that it should auto-detect AC Power Type (whereas with the Red Series you had to program it).

@Eric_Inovelli sure. It’s parameter 21. Although read only, the user can override the setting and it sticks. Also it seems that the default position is non neutral even though neutral is connected. Atleast for me

Are you in IDE or something?