Canopy 2 in 1 Switch Combo -- So completely confused

I ordered the Canopy 2 in 1 Switch Combo and it arrived a few days ago and I tried installing it all today. I followed instructions on the switch; connected line and load to the line on the switch, single pole, neutral wire. Connected the fan up to the module (I have many, many red switches and fans). Pairing it up to HA was easy, both found easily and canopy module shows the fan and light, both can be turned off and on in HA. I’m not sure of the “why” for putting line and load on the line of the switch…now the fan and light won’t turn off unless I go into HA to turn them off. Must be I have to set up some automation?

However, the speed of the fan is very slow. I pulled the chain, went through all available speeds on the fan, could not go any faster but it could go A LOT slower. No idea why this is, anybody have any ideas?

Additionally, the switch only shows as a light switch and controls the lights of the ceiling fan. I was under the impression it could control the fan speed? I have read a lot of instructions about using the DEV branch of Z2M, I have both Edge and regular in my HA implementation, and somehow folks are able to get fan controls but mine only refers to lights in my Edge and normal environments in HA?

It is weird…I am an IT professional and love tinkering with new technology but this combination has me stumped and confused and makes me feel dumb…LOL!!

The canopy module needs to be powered full time, so this sends and unswitched hot from the switch box to the canopy.

Yes. The canopy now controls the fan and the light, but commands from the hub, or binding, need to tell the canopy what to do.

Did you set the fan to high before installing the canopy?

Got it on the first point. Second point is where I get lost. I can setup an automation in Node Red to do things when something happens on the light switch, I just figured the light switch would already do it, like with the Red switch and modules. As it is now, the switch does nothing and fan/light on/off only can happen in HA.

Yes, the fan was on high. I went through the process many times of factory resetting the switch, repairing the switch, pulling the chain on the fan to see which would be best and it’s still slow. If it is on any other speed at the fan, the fan will not turn at all no matter what speed HA says it is at. Often times, I have to turn the fan off and on in HA just to get the fan to turn on at an extremely slow speed at any other speed at the fan other than high.

So the light switch and the module are really two separate entities. If your switch is a Blue, then you have 2 ways to control the module from the switch. This first is to bind the switch to the module, in essence directly connecting the two so that communications do not go through the hub. The second is to use automations, leveraging the multi-tap capabilities of the switch. If your switch is Z-wave, then this is your only option.

There are a lot of threads here regarding binding and automations for the switch/canopy. If you have specific questions, there are a lot of HA users that have already got these configured.

Not really sure, but I suggest you get the switch/canopy configured and then troubleshoot.

Thanks for all this info. I didn’t think this was going to be so different than Red and was excited about this being Zigbee but I think I need to return these and buy a Red on eBay. I read for hours today and I don’t think I will ever grasp bindings in z2m and not sure I want this to be that first project and just need the fan and light to work. Plus, the whole slow ceiling fan makes me think I need to change course as I have to be out of my depth on this one.

Zigbee bindings seem weird but are not that bad. You can do it. The 2-1 switch firmware to make binding for the fan speed control is not released yet.

First on the canopy module try changing “QuickStartFan 2” to either 4 or 5 this will make it provide full power for that number of seconds to help it get spinning up to speed.

To bind the light control go to the switch in Z2M and go to the bind tab. Set source endpoint to 2. Set destination to the canopy module you want to control and destination endpoint to 1. I selected both the LevelCtrl and OnOff check boxes so I could turn the light on and off and dim it.

When the new firmware is released you will have to update the firmware then remove and readd the switch then bind endpoint 3 to 2 of the canopy module. You also will have to set the Fan Control mode.

If you have more questions and issue I can help you work threw them.

Thanks for all this. I took another bash at this this morning with a fresh mind. Bindings were simple enough, got that nailed down quickly to control the light from the switch. The issue of the fan barely moving even when set at high at the fan and HA had me stumped. I didn’t understand what could be wrong and wonky speeds being reported in HA and that had me the most frustrated yesterday. I tried edge and regular z2m. Then I stumbled upon something about the edge branch. I always have edge to keep Aqara devices separate from other zigbee devices because they don’t play well. So, I had edge already. I didn’t realize to update edge one has to uninstall it and reinstall the add-on. So, I did that, paired the canopy and switch to edge branch, and now things work perfectly!! I am extremely pleased with the product now and it doesn’t seem so daunting…just wished I had read the bit about edge not updating regularly before because I have been waiting on some implementations out there for some time and found they were there, just had to reinstall :slight_smile: So, all good here!!! Will just hang tight for 2.17 and will map that up when released.

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I’m having similar issues with the fan speed after switching from ZHA to Z2M. Worked just fine in ZHA, but in Z2M I can only get it to run at extremely slow speeds.

Did the latest Z2M dev version fix this for you, controls and all? It should be released tomorrow and I prefer to not have to switch to the dev branch for now.

Yes, within HA on z2m edge, the fan is reporting and controllable exactly as I would expect after I installed the newest version of edge available in HA. Hopefully, you find the same thing tomorrow. I don’t blame you…If I hadn’t already been using the edge branch for other devices, I would not go through the process of switching regular branch and all devices to edge if I didn’t have to. But, if you wanted to check it out before tomorrow to make sure, you can have both branches as I have both to keep devices on normal branch and Aqara devices separated on the edge branch.

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In case you are curious, this thread has a lot of great information on how to do it. It is really simple but I do recall having to fuss with it a little bit when I put it together because I didn’t completely know what I was doing. But, once I got it, it has been rock solid since:

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