Ceiling fan help

Need some help to verify whether the following fans that I have in my house will work with the fan/light switch (LZW-36).

Hunter Perspective - Model #: 21583 (purchased in 2007)

I wasn’t able to confirm that this is an AC motor. Also this fan has an RF remote with it but I have not been able to confirm if a RF receiver was installed in the canopy.

Harbor Breeze 52 in Teolo - Model #: LM-5CS52FN570/LP8063 (purchased in 2010)

I haven’t been able to find a manual for this fan so I have been unable to confirm how the RF transmitter was installed. In the comments on Lowe’s someone mentions that it is built into the fan.

In both scenarios I am trying to avoid taking them down if possible. I am hoping that other’s have had experience wiring these fans up (or a similar fan).

I am 99% certain that the Hunter will work fine with the LZW36. Being the Harbor Breeze does not have pull chains, I would say it has the receiver built in, and the LZW36 will not work with it.

Thanks for the reply. I did call Hunter and they confirmed there is a separate receiver and the motor type is AC. Now my only concern is if there is if there is room enough for the receiver.

May need to take the fan apart to see.

Your going to remove the old receiver, and replace it with the one from Inovelli, which is most likely smaller. It was in my case anyway.