Ceiling fan/light switch

The ref module is to large to fit in present ceiling fan housing. Has anyone used 14/3 wiring to a fan/light and moved the ref module to inside the attic? I want to know if the ref module can handle the attic heat. Or has anyone installed elsewhere and wired to ceiling fan? I don’t want to add a separate smart switch for light and one for fan.

According to the manual, the operating temperature range is 32-95F (0-35C). While it will probably still work a bit outside those ranges, my attic has been known to reach 120+ degrees, so it it not something I would we willing to take a risk on.


If you were to install it in your attic, you would probably also need to place it in an electrical enclosure in order to be code compliant. An enclosure would likely make it run even hotter.

I know at least 1 user on this forum created a 3d printed mount:

I’m not familiar with how large the canopy module is, but could you replace the electrical box with a deeper one to get it to fit? Maybe stand it on end?

Here are the canopy dimensions:

Imperial (inches)
Height = 1"
Width = 2"
Length = 4.5"

Metric (mm)
Height = 25.4mm
Width = 50.8mm
Length = 114.3mm

The problem is that the canopy is too large to fit in a box. Round boxes are usually 4" in diameter and about 2" deep. Additionally, at least in the US, fans have to be hung from a fan rated box and you aren’t going to find one deep enough to stand it on end.