Clarity on parameter 17 for red dimmers (LED INDICATOR TIMEOUT)

Edit: Parameter does what I thought it did. I just needed to send the parameter 17 value as the label text, so instead of 0, I needed to send “Stay Off”, then it does what I was asking it to do below. Leaving post up to help in future searches perhaps.

What is the main purpose of this parameter?

Im confused with the lingo, “if the LED bar has been disabled”. How do I disable to LED bar?

What I am trying to accomplish is I have a strip effect (parameter 16) running for infinity on my dimmer. When I turn the light on or off, I do NOT want the dimmer to switch off of this strip effect. I thought setting parameter 17 to a 0 would accomplish this, but when I turn light on or off, the LED bar still switches to show the dim level for about 5 seconds, then goes back to the strip effect (parameter 16 setting).

Heres video. I have a chase scene going on. Press down, I see dim level for roughly 6 seconds, then it goes back to chase scene. I never want to stop seeing the chase scene.