Community Badges

This thread serves as a discussion around Community Badges. What would you guys like to see?

It also is in regards to the following Thread and @Chris’s comment: Coming Soon: Inovelli Rewards Program - We'd Love Your Input!

The way I’m seeing it now is that there are two categories:

  1. Thread Facing Badges
  2. Non-Thread Facing Badges

Thread Facing Badges

This is what is shown next to your name each time you post or comment. The purpose of these are to give a quick glance of the important badges so that people can quickly see important information about that person (ie: Wiring Guru, Home Automation Wizard, etc). In addition, it sparks interest in various badges (ie: Rewards Program, etc).


Non-Thread Facing Badges
These would be badges that are not immediately viewable in each thread/post, but rather what is shown on the back-end where all badges are listed out. This is more of a, “look at how many badges I have” sort of area.

Not to flex on everyone, but this is what I’m talking about lol:

So, with that said, let’s talk about what you think are some good ideas for badges in both areas!

Will the thread facing badges keep stacking up or do you pick one? Can you choose if a badge is publicly seen?

Side note: Why are you only bronze :stuck_out_tongue:

Great question – I’m not sure and would love to talk it out with everyone.

I think for the thread facing badges, we would have at the very least your Rewards Tier. I think max there should be 3-4 that show so it doesn’t get too cluttered.

So maybe:

  • Your Flag
  • Rewards Tier
  • Community Signifier (ie: Wiring Wizard, etc)
  • Rare Badge

In regards to choosing, unfortunately the plug-in we used I don’t think allows this feature. Basically, I have to put in various badges and then once you earn them, they’ll show up. So, there are only a set number of badges that the plug-in recognizes and displays.

LOL – bc I get them all for free :wink:

Kidding, I was just testing out the plug-in!

Sorry good ideas cost money. Send me free dimmers if you want good ideas. I have no free dimmers, so today you only get bad ideas. :stuck_out_tongue: (functionally, that means I’ve been up 16hrs after 4hrs sleep so this reply may not be entirely coherent. Apologies if that’s the case).

Agreed. And I think framing things this way is a good place to start the discussion.
Personally I think the thread-facing badges should be things that are helpful for another user reading the post to know, that will help make the discussions more efficient (cutting down on unnecessary back and forth to gather info) and also give an idea of the user’s expertise/trustworthiness so the reply can be tailored for the reader.

Country is a good one of course- USA wiring replies are useless if you don’t live in USA. I think which hub the user runs and their rough expertise level is also important- earlier today @EricM_Inovelli sent me a code snippet for SmartThings/Hubitat… except I run HomeSeer, and I’d consider myself a HomeSeer expert who’s competent with Z-Wave. Eric had no way of knowing that, so the time he spent writing out or copy/pasting that code was wasted. If my name line had said ‘HomeSeer Expert’ and Eric saw it, instead of basic code I’d probably have gotten technical info about what Parameter 12 does on a protocol level, which is interesting for me but not for the ‘SmartThings newbie’. Thus seeing this info could foster a more efficient discussion.

Now this sort of thing might be entirely separate of a badge discussion- maybe it’s better implemented as a user profile text field that displays next to your name.

Semi off topic for a second- for q&a areas of the forum, and ONLY for q&a / help areas, I think submitting a thread should have a ‘I need help’ flag. Maybe that means an entirely separate way of submitting- a form that looks like a trouble ticket form (but makes it VERY CLEAR your question will be publicly posted) and based on the info provided, it sets up the question as a post in the appropriate forum area. Anyway, for Q&A posts there should be two buttons next to each reply: ‘This Helped Me!’ (which can be enabled on as many replies as necessary) and ‘This is the answer’ (which can only be enabled on one or two replies). ‘This is the answer’, when clicked, would pop up a question like ‘is the issue you posted about completely and totally solved?’ and if they hit yes the post drops off a ‘waiting questions’ list but stays on the forum. Then users who get a lot of Helped flags or Answered flags will get a badge, which gets more prominent the more they Help and Answer.
Halfway through writing the above paragraph I realized what I’m suggesting is almost a hybrid between a forum and a ticket system. The user would have a ‘my community help requests’ page that would list and link to their submitted ‘tickets’ (aka threads). Dunno if such a thing is worth building (I doubt it exists) but if you can make a few forms that query the forum database you might be able to do it easily. I see it being a 3rd option on the support page- ‘Knowledge base’, ‘Community Tech Support’ (average daytime response 34 minutes, questions are posted publicly), ‘Inovelli staff support’ (average daytime response time 8 hours’. Point is to drive some of the more basic ticket traffic to the forum where us morons support your customers for t-shirts, rather than your support queue where your expensive employees are swamped with basic questions.
While either support ticket is being typed, a sidebar should be constantly searching keywords in the request and suggesting marked-answered forum threads that are applicable and may answer the user’s question.

Anyway back on badges- as mentioned the more a user helps, the more prominent / bright / whatever the icon for that area should be. So someone who answers a lot of Z-Wave questions gets a Z-Wave expert badge, someone who answers a lot of HomeSeer questions gets a HomeSeer expert badge, etc etc.

I’m not entirely sure that rewards program tier should be a badge. It’s nice to brag, but it doesn’t convey anything really useful to other posters.

Finally- the bronze ‘in’ logo next to your name, when I saw it my first thought was it denoted an inovelli employee, and I didn’t understand why it was brown. So I think the graphic itself might need some tweaking- maybe put the stylized ‘in’ inside a gold/silver/bronze medal with ribbon?

That’s all I have for now…

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I is there a way to make certain badges appear in certain Forum topics? I dont think “Solution master” Badge should appear in “News” or “Extra Sparky sparker” should appear in “general discussion”. Is there a way to make badges useful to the topic appear rather than a chain of badges?

Agreed, “In” Should be for employees. Medals for the metals.

Also, while your testing, I dibs the :snowflake: badge… you know if you need a guinea pig or something :laughing: