Community Night Mode

@Eric_Inovelli @anon14959390 @Brianna_Inovelli @Courtney_Inovelli I was able to turn night mode on once. I switched back to day mode, but because it took multiple tries to enable it, I wanted to see how it worked again. Well…it’s not letting me go back to it now. Using macOS 10.15.6 and Chrome 84.0.XXXXXXXX.

Also, looks like the webpage person is playing around with it because the icons went away now…

Hi, my bad, sorry about the disruption. I don’t quite have the desired functionality for the theme switcher in the header bar, there are a few bugs to work out. I had to try a few things live that couldn’t be done in the testing environment. For now, you can still switch modes under user menu > preferences > interface >Theme. Full switching functionality should be live soon!


@Frank_jr_Inovelli - whew at first I thought I was imagining the buttons.

Thanks for the quick follow up!