Community Organization + Optimization Time

TLDR: Wiki is now actively being developed and you may see old posts rise to the top as I’ll be actively tagging them and when I tag them, it brings them back to the top.

Hey all – finally found a coding team who’s able to organize the Wiki the way we want (YES!). It took a few companies/coders, but we’ve finally landed on one who can do it.

They’ve provided me an example they’ve worked on here: Knowledge - Indeni Community

You’ll be able to select from various, “Tier 1” filters (ie: Product, Hub, etc) and then select the tags from within that tier. We’re hopefully going to take it one step further to have, “Tier 2” tags shown such as the firmware version of your product, firmware version of your hub, etc.

In the example above, I’ve selected, “checkpoint” and “f5” from, “Vendor” and, “gaia” from, “Operating System”:

Similar logic can be applied here in that you can select, “red-series-switch-dimmer”, “hubitat”, “manual” to drill down to what you’re looking for.

Project should be completed in 3 weeks or so, but in the meantime, you’ll see some old posts being revived as whenever I update a tag, it brings the topic back to the top.

Anyway, great news – I’m really excited about it!