Compatibility with Eaton Smart Dimmer Master (RF9540-N)

Is the Inovelli Red Series dimmer compatible in a 3-way with the Eaton Master Dimmer switch? I’ve got a 3-way configuration using the Eaton RF9540-N (Master dimmer switch) and a Cooper (Eaton) RF9542-ZAW (Accessory Dimmer Switch). Simple question is can I replace the Cooper (Eaton) Accessory Dimmer with an Inovelli Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN). I’d keep the Eaton master in place. I’ve got neutral and traveler at both locations.

It depends. You cannot have the switch installed in parallel with the Eaton master switch, but you could potentially have it installed as a scene controller or z-wave associations. All depends on wiring.

I’ll go with the simple answer, no, not likely. It sounds like you want both switches to physically control the load. That is not going to be possible, I don’t think.

About the best that you will do is what James suggested. Since your line and load are in separate boxes, you could turn the Eaton into a two-way. You would then use one of the two travelers for the load and the other to send a constant hot to the Inovelli.

That’s kind of what I thought, so appreciate the feedback. I guess it’s another Red Series Dimmer for me!