Config Button Design Intent

I hope that I am not repeating any prior discussions.

Based on other threads, it seems that the config button is predominately used for local configuration of the switch/dimmer itself (2x, 3x, 4x…). What I don’t see documented is 1x press of the Config Button. I’ve been using the Config Button to cycle light colors for LED bulbs. All prior implementations have been associated with a disabled Red Switch relay. I’ve been trying to implement the same color cycling capability on the Red Dimmer that is NOT relayed disabled. The scene works as it does with the Red Switch, but a 1x press of the config button also turns on the dimmer, which is not desired. There is no documentation that I can find that describes the design intent for a 1x press of the Config Button. My preference is that a 1x press does not have hard coded functionality (turning on the dimmer). My Hub is Indigo, which fully supports the Red switch/dimmer, so I’d like to take full advantage of the Inovelli capabilities.

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Black & Red Series Config Button’s
You’re correct, the config button’s primary purpose was meant for local configuration (it’s intent was for people who’s hub/gateway’s do not easily support parameter changes such as Ring, Wink, etc). In addition, it’s used for disabling the internal relay (tap 8x).

Red Series Config Button’s
The secondary purpose is for clearing notifications (2x tap) as well as a, “favorites” button when you tap it 1x (in other words, it’s a scene button).

Can you help me understand this (sorry, it’s been a long day!):

It shouldn’t do anything unless you’ve programmed it to do so. I’m not too familiar with Indigo, so maybe something was inadvertently applied to the button? If it does, would you mind taking a video so I can see?

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Found the issue. It was a device handler mapping issue (not an Inovelli issue).

Ah, I knew I read this somewhere (I just answered your ticket last night and thought, man, I know I’ve read this exact issue somewhere)!

Can you explain a bit more so that I can understand what happened? Something on Indigo’s end?

Thanks for following up regardless :slight_smile: