Config Mode Not Working As Expected

I have installed 3 Red Dimmers and was able to program them without issue. I just installed a Black Switch and when I go into config mode with the flashing yellow, nothing happens when I press the config button 13x. The yellow light keeps flashing at 1x.

I did try factory resetting the switch but it doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

For others that may have this problem. Apparently the switch does not support this feature and has auto-detect. Why the included directions in the box telling me to go through this process is beyond me.

Correct. The on/off switches detect the load automatically for load only or three way. The latest firmware allows you to set it manually though in case the automatic selection doesn’t detect the switch type.

Makes me wonder if the wrong directions sheet got included. Did it say LZW30 at the top? The LZW30 May, 2019 instructions only list up to parameter 7. If your box was stuffed with the incorrect instructions, then Inovelli probably wants to know that.

. . . Or did you pick up one of your red series sheets . . . :thinking:

Yeah, it was the wiring insert sheet. The same one I got with my Red Dimmers. Somehow it got included in the Black Switch I just bought. I replied to a YouTube comment where another user was having a similar issue. An Inovelli rep set me straight and apologized and said that the sheet shouldn’t have been included in the box. Sh!t happens I guess.

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