Configuration Question Red Series Dimmer

Couple of questions on configuration:

1 - If I have my dimmer set to instant on - Im having a hard time getting the lights to dim. When I press and hold the paddle down to dim it shuts off the lights. Anyone else experiencing this?

2 - if I have the dimmer set to dim up while turning on, it buzzes then stops, similarly dimming off buzzes until off. Am i doing something wrong?

When you say you can’t get them to dim, does is seem they are at full brightness and won’t move off of that? i.e. is it acting more like a switch than dimmer. If that’s the case, make sure you didn’t turn on the Smart Bulb Mode. That’s different than Disabling the Physical On/Off Delay.

Is there a way to post videos on here - I took a couple to visualize the issue I am encountering…

You should be able to link to the video somewhere (dropbox, youtube, google drive, etc). I don’t think direct upload is an option.

Thanks for the idea. I will try and add below.

This is what I am experiencing in two different configurations:

1- when I set to “instant on”, the switch works as expected turning on and off (no buzzing, etc). Having said that, I am unable to dim the lights. First video showing instant on and off no buzzing; second video showing not able to dim - basically dims to zero.

2 - When I set to “1 second delay”, there is a slight buzz as the lights turn on and off. Having said that, I am to the dim the lights up and down. First video depicting the “buzzing” I am experiencing while the light turn on / off. Second video showing that I am able to dim the lights in this configuration.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the issue can be. I have the same bulbs on another chandelier with an inovelli swtich and there is no buzzing etc. So I do not believe it is a compatibility issue nor a wattage issue. There are 31 bulbs each about 4.5 watts each, and the switch should be rated to 200w with the heat sink tabs removed.

Try setting parameter 2 to a value other than 0 or 101. Parameter 2 controls the dimming speed when holding down the paddle buttons. If set to 0, the dimming speed will be instantaneous.

Thanks for the feedback. The hub I am using, while compatible, does note “no advanced settings” (2gig panel I use with Does that mean Im only able to configure settings that are able to be changed at the switch?

Yes, this is correct. We are working on an actual certification with that should be wrapped up by the end of the year, but I’m not sure the advanced settings will be available as I’m not sure ADC supports it from a hub side.

@anon14959390 do you know the answer here?

@jmstravelllc Advanced settings won’t be available immediately. We are planning on adding them all in though!