Controller Recommendation?

I’m new here and just recently learned about inovelli switches. Currently I use couple wemo’s.
However I’m moving to new home and I would like to add more switches. I like to setup scenes so I can use any smart switch to turn all outside light on or off.
Can anyone recommend z-wave controller or controllers that will support Inovelli switches including scenes but are not depend on cloud?

I have been considering following:

  1. Vera Secure - I don’t think supports scenes.
  2. HUSBZB-1 stick - not sure about full support
  3. Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 stick - not sure about full support
  4. I’m open to other non-cloud suggestions.

Ideally should support other devices and sensors I’m planing to use HomeAssistant or OpenHub.

Thank you.


@Jerry - I’d recommend looking at Hubitat as an option.


I am using the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 stick, and I havent had any issues with scenes.

I have an unusual setup though. Instead of using the version of openzwave that is built in to HomeAssistant, I have everything passed through MQTT first.

Z-stick -> zwave2mqtt (openzwave) -> HomeAssistant

The HUSBZB-1 and Z-Stick aren’t full-blown controllers on their own; you’ll need software or a hub to make them work. Lots of people use them with Home Assistant or OpenHAB as you are contemplating. I can’t speak for OpenHAB, but I’m pretty sure you need to do a little work with Home Assistant at the moment to get the scenes working, though that should change in a future update. If you’re planning on using something like Home Assistant, I don’t see the value of using Vera, which at that point would be little more than a very expensive Z-Wave radio (it’s a full-blown hub and software like you could create with Home Assistant yourself).

I’ve used Home Assistant before, and it was a lot of work to set up. It’s gotten better since, but you still need to be a bit technically inclined to do so. I switched to Hubitat (I used to use SmartThings, then tried Vera, then tried Home Assistant) and would encourage you to add that to your list of possibilities. It’s a lot less work to set up and supports the Inovelli switches (basic functionality natively but the full set with their custom driver), plus a wide variety of other Z-Wave and (this is what most other platforms don’t do well) Zigbee devices out-of-box, and I like the “apps” model for automation creation better than what I’ve seen on most other platforms (some of which may have changed since I’ve used them).

If you feel like spending a lot of money for (in my opinion) no good reason, HomeSeer is something you could consider adding to that list as well. :slight_smile: There are some you’ll want to avoid based on your criteria, like SmartThings, which is incredibly cloud-dependent at the moment and in a bit of an awkward transition period between its “new” and “classic” model to boot.

Homeseer black Friday sale is up or will be soon. Their software are generally 50% off.

It just works.

You don’t have to mess with handler and things like that. It doesn’t require an internet connection if you want it local only. But it can get connected to with their cloud service.

You will obviously need an usb zwave stick like their smartstick+ if you don’t buy their dedicated pc or raspberry pi version.

I own hs3pro, it’s running on my media center, always up.

I have an unusual setup though. Instead of using the version of openzwave that is built in to HomeAssistant, I have everything passed through MQTT first.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of doing this? It seems like the main advantage would be getting OZW1.6 with all latest config files, are there any disadvantages?

First- Inovelli and Z-Wave are definitely the way to go in your new home. Way better than Wemo. Lots of other good Z-Wave products out there too by many manufacturers- for example HomeSeer makes a motion sensor that you hardwire into a floodlight, turning it into a Z-Wave motion sensor light. And you can get Z-Wave water sensors and valve shutoffs.

I also very much agree with the non cloud strategy.

For you I’d suggest HomeSeer, Hubitat, or Home Assistant.

IndigoDomo is the best. It runs on a Apple Mac, been using it for years

I use and am very happy with Hubitat. I had a VeraPlus however it was obvious to me that the platform was hardware limited, and I’m not a “power user”

My criteria was/is:

  1. no cloud required (except for updates)
  2. stand alone, i.e. does not need to run on a PC.
  3. Z-Wave + Zigbee

Whatever you chose I hope you have fun and it does what you want.


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Hubitat all the way… inovelli even provided their own drivers for their products…

I would also recommend Hubitat. Granted I did also notice a sharp increase in new smart home devices after it’s purchase…

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I’m also curious the advantages to go through zwave2mqtt ?

Just asking, started to work with home assistant two days ago. Still to trying to figure out many many things and this is one of them. I see the full potential of hassIO really powerful, but you definitively need to be more techky or at least need curiosity to read all the post and searched you make to figure things out. BUT LOVE IT!

Its been 1 year since I ask this question and I want so say thank you to everyone.
I did go with Hubitat Elevation and have been using it for good few months. I’m using this in house where all boxes have neutral wire with Inovelli switches and dimmers. No issues.
I did reprogram some of the dimmers to come on more quickly and I need to do few more. This is mostly issue with guest were I have multiple switches next to each other and they are hitting every switch before light comes on.


If you’re not using the multi-button taps on those guest switches, have you tried disabling the 700ms delay?