CTO AMA - add your questions!

We’ve got our CTO and level 10 Wizard, Maycock, here at HQ this week! Reply with questions you have for him and we’ll film a video Wednesday answering them all!

UPDATE: These are all awesome questions! I’ll be gathering them all for our video tomorrow so any responses made after tomorrow at 8 AM EST will not be counted!

I’ll be posting the video in Eric Maycock’s Employee Feature on Monday!
Oh yea… Maycock is our next employee feature :wink:


Favorite current Inovelli product, and why? Most anticipated Inovelli product in the works currently? What product would you like to see Inovelli expand to that hasn’t been teased or started? Any timeline for new effects to be added to the led strip, not trying to pressure just curious.


How do you get any work done with all the tags in the Community? :thinking:


What made you give up your corporate career to join Inovelli? Why did you keep on trucking along when you were essentially working for free for 2yrs? Why do you believe in the future of Inovelli?

Man, I should’ve asked you this during an interview lol jk.

  • Do you have to use Teamviewer or RemotePC to setup @Eric_Inovelli 's Hubitat or does he actually know how to program it?
  • When do you expect your CTO title to take affect and just make CTO decisions and not have to actually “work/program” anymore?
  • Will there be an Inovelli outlet? If so, will it have Aurora effects on the LED?

I was saving that one for Eric 2 :wink:

  1. What would you consider to be the best community feedback feature you have implemented?
  2. What is the best way to log a bug/need/feature request and help you stay organized (I third the forum tag is probably getting old).
  3. What forthcoming product are you MOST excited about?

What is your favorite memory throughout your time at Inovelli?

I know this isn’t smart home related but I love hearing people’s answers to this:
What are 1-3 pieces of music do you consider to be masterpieces? Doesn’t have to be critically acclaimed or commercially successful, it’s entirely up to your interpretation.

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Boxers or briefs??? :laughing:


What if he answers with, “neither”?


Going commando???

I think @EricM_Inovelli prefers the term, “free-ballin”, but we’ll add that question to the AMA video lol jk.

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