Customer Service Update

Good evening everyone,

I wanted to take a quick moment to update you on our customer service team and a change that has been made as of about 30 minutes 2hrs ago (sorry, I didn’t hit post).

It’s come to my attention recently that a member of the team has been dropping the ball on how we treat our customers and we’ve made the decision to part ways with this person.

Our reputation has been built around treating others as we’d like to be treated and we value all of you, regardless your level of expertise. After all, we were all beginners once!

We want this to be a place where we can grow together and rely on each others strengths, not a place where people get put down or silenced when not agreed with. Am I right @harjms lol?

Anyway, with this departure comes opportunity!

We’re actually looking for someone to help us part time (hopefully it will turn into a full time position) and what better place to ask then this wonderful community :slight_smile:

Here’s a job listing for it – feel free to fill it out or just shoot one of us a PM so we can chat further.

We’re pretty flexible with hours and we think we’re a fun bunch of people to work with!

Have a great night!



Good for you for making the tough decision. As leaders, It’s hard putting your reputation in the hands of others. I may have faced some of this, but in all honesty my reply to a ticket could have been taken the wrong way and I owned up to that.

Best of luck moving forward guys!


Is the role remote or based in MI?

Prefer MI, but honestly if it’s the right fit, we’re definitely open to remote!

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I just wanted to say you’re doing the right thing.

The problem with having customer-facing employees is that each time they interact with a customer, that employee IS the company as far as that customer’s concerned. One employee waking up on the wrong side of the bed and snarking a customer means that customer now thinks the whole company is unfriendly. And that’s never a good thing, especially in this space that is largely hobbyists and DIYers learning and teaching each other about this tech as we all figure out new ways to use it.

I also really appreciate that you guys communicate openly and talk like humans, not like PR-droids.