Customizing no-load Red Series Dimmer

I’m loving my LZW31-SN. I have it installed in a no-load configuration so it can control two lights (a main on/off light and a dimmer for a wall sconce). Association group 2 is used to control the on/off switch (LZW30-SN). Group 4 is used to control the dimmer. Initially, I thought this was great. Just tap to turn the main light on and off. Long press to turn the wall dimmer on/off. However, I have two issues:

  • I realized that group 4 wasn’t actually turning the wall dimmers off once they reached their lowest level. Is there any way to change this behavior so they actually turn off?
  • Alternatively, could I configure the dimmer so that a long-press activates group 3? Right now a tap of the switch sends a basic command to both group 2 and group 3, but I’d like to decouple these so I can control the two groups separately from the wall.
  • Can I decouple the LED bar from the dimmer status? I’d like to be able to use the LED bar to “encode” information provided by my hub (e.g., by changing the color and height of the bar).

I realize that some of these issues can be circumvented with some creative programming on the hub side, but from a family acceptance factor, as much needs to be done via direct association as possible to minimize latency.

I’d personally use multi tap. Make it so single press on/off or hold to dim controls the dimmer, double tap up / down turns the sconce on or off.

Or, write a routine on your hub so pushing the config button once toggles the sconces on/off.

To decouple the LED bar, I think there’s now an option in the latest firmware that you can make the paddle NOT control the load level. But that kills the association controls as well, you’d need to use scene controls through your hub.

Great suggestion! I will need to get the hub (Home Assistant) set up to do that. Right now Home Assistant is in a bit of flux as zwave_js integration was just added. For now, my Z-wave network is running only on direct associations until I can get the hub working.

Great to know about the LED bar. I have started exploring the firmware updates to see whether they’re worth installing.