Dark Mode not working?

Is the dark mode toggle on the website working for others? I reset my cache and it’s in light mode and clicking it won’t give me dark mode anymore.

My eyes thank you.

Its not working for me either (but I am already on dark mode, I just cannot change to light mode)

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@Eric_Inovelli @Courtney_Inovelli might need a code tweak.

Yeah I noticed this as well – I think an update broke something :confused:

If you go here, you should be able to fix it manually: https://community.inovelli.com/u/Eric_Inovelli/preferences/interface

@EricM_Inovelli – can you look into this?

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That worked, except the link was to your personal profile. I figured I shouldn’t change your settings (jk jk I couldn’t get in).


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It looks like this was a custom component that someone created for the theme. I am trying to figure out why it isn’t working anymore.